News – Success for Pukekohe AFC Football Teams

After a very competitive season three Pukekohe AFC teams have done extremely well this year.

9th Grade Representative Team

This was their first year travelling and playing in the AFF competition this season.  This team were in the Thor division, did well and were then promoted to the Hulk division.

Recently they also played in a post season tournament at Papakura, which they won.  They played 4 pool games and a final and they only conceded 3 goals throughout the whole tournament.

Congratulations to all the players, Dylan Lowe (Coach) and Leyton Hookway (Manager).










16th Grade Girls Team

These girls played in the AFF 16th Grade Girls division this season.  They played a total of 14 games, Won 13, Lost 1.  They won their division for this season.  A great result for this team – well done to all their players, Tam Cramer (Coach) and Kate Reese (Manager).










17th Grade Blue Team

These boys played in the AFF 17th Grade Division 1 Championship grade this season.  They played 10 games, won 10.  They also won their Division for this season.  Congratulations to all the players, Arron Parker (Coach) and Sharlene De Ponte (Manager).  What fantastic results.  Go Pukekohe AFC!!