The Club – Fees

2020 Fees

Annual Membership Fees for the 2020 season have been set:

Junior – First Kicks (4-6 yrs) (Born 2014-2016)             $ 90.00 (Must be turning 4, on or before 31 May 2020)

Junior – Fun Football (7-8 yrs) (Born 2012-2013)         $120.00

Junior – Mini Football (9-12 yrs) (Born 2008-2011)       $140.00

Youth – Football (13-17 yrs) (Born 2003-2007)              $145.00

Youth – Football (18-19 yrs) (Born 2001-2002)              $220.00

Youth – Football (18-19 yrs) (Born 2001-2002)              $220.00 (19th Grade playing Snr Mens football)

Senior (Born 2000 or earlier)                                         $290.00

We are a New Zealand organisation that transacts/bills in New Zealand dollars.

Please pay fees via internet banking: (preferred option)

Pukekohe AFC

ASB Pukekohe


Please use ‘Player’s full name’ and ‘Date of birth’ and ‘Fees’ as bank reference. 

or:  Via MyCOMET

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Security Information

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