News – Update with registrations for 2018 season

NZ Football are introducing a new digital framework as they modernise how they interact with the football playing community.

They have partnered with Analyticom, Sportsground and Salesforce to deliver a replacement club and player management system.  This took effect on 1 Jan 2018 and replaces the old Sports TG system we have used over the past few years.  The new registrations application NZ Football are using is called COMET.

This means that the management of our membership base should become easier and it will improve the way we manage teams, membership and competitions.

NZ Football will be sending every registered member from the 2017 season an email about COMET.

MyCOMET is the member profile for football participants.  This is where members will be able to make purchases for registrations, coaching courses, view your own calendar for fixtures you have registered to and manage your own details.  All current members will have a MyCOMET profile set up which should be going live at the end of this week/early next week.

A scheduled communication, via email, from NZ Football to all members will be released slowly over the next week.  This will explain to you how to activate and navigate through your member profile.  The email will include your login details.  You will need this information once NZ Football advise us they are ready for us to open Registrations for the 2018 season.  We will advise when that will be.

As with any new system there is always ‘glitches’, so we ask that you please be patient as all clubs get up to speed with the new application.  We will continue to keep you updated.  During this new implementation the club has lost the ability to directly email from the player management system, this is the reason why no members have been updated directly via email about upcoming events.  NZ Football hope to have this fixed within the next week also.