News – “Have your Say” Auckland Council 10 Year Budget

Every three years Auckland Council revises its 10yr Budget and Long Term Plan, which sets the Agenda for priority decisions on local activities and projects.  This 10yr Budget significantly influences investment and spending within the Council.  If an area such as Sport & Recreation, is not included in the 10yr Budget then it is at risk!  Sport & Recreation has effectively been removed from the 10yr Budget and therefore current and future investment is at risk.

How does the 10yr budget affect Pukekohe AFC?

We can expect a reduction in Council investment into maintenance of existing facilities, upgrading facilities that are in need of repair and the development of new facilities and open spaces.  There will be greater competition among sport and recreation organisations and facilities for an increasingly limited investment.  The provision of community sport and recreation facilities in Auckland will not be maintained, it will decline.  We are naturally focused on the needs of sport but our parks and domains are included under the same umbrella funding.

What do PAFC members need to do?

We ask that you make a submission making the case for reinstating Sport and Recreation in to the 10yr Budget.

Submissions can be made via the following link: