News – Bledisloe Park Clean Up

In term two the Rutherford Learning Community got tasked with a inquiry project around the environment. We are so passionate about sport we decided to focus on helping to make cleaner and safer sport facilities. We decided to work around the Bledisloe Park area because it is nice and close to our school and many of our student play sports there.

After contacting Dean Ihaia via email, we set a date (Monday 2nd July) for our big clean up to happen. We outfitted our class of thirty four students  with high visibility vests, rubber gloves and rubbish bags. We spent two hours cleaning up all of Bledisloe Park, including picking up a lot of broken glass under the trees next to the football club. We collected a lot of rubbish as you can see from the photos and we are very proud of our efforts.

Hirini, Cooper, Aidan and Semesa Bogitini

Room 11, Pukekohe Intermediate School

Click here to view flyer of photos