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Late surge seals it for the Sun Strikers against the Devilz

8.30am.....Boom! A clap of thunder that shook the house, followed by slashes of lightning over Puke Hill, whilst rain pounded off the windows.....would the game go ahead?

10.00am....Grant blows the whistle and off we go....skies heavier than Oprah Winfrey at her peak.  Early exchanges even, with both sides crafting good chances, Carlon going close for the Devilz, whilst Isaac started making Nathanial's mum's washing powder bill sky rocket. 

Both sets of defenders held the upper hand, with Keelie, Smiley and Keegan nullifying the threat of Zippy, whilst young Jamie had a great battle going with Lance Kraakman. With 15 gone, it was closer than a tailgating hoon on the Southern Motorway.

Then with half time looming, Zippy peeled down the left, then nudged the ball into Isaac's path who smashed one straight at Nathanial.  However, the power was such that it flew straight to Liam Whiter who from just inside the box, cooly slotted it into the bottom left hand corner. 

Rather than deflate the Devilz, it spurred them on....Lance went on a couple of mazy runs to put himself in prime position, only to see his efforts go narrowly astray....meanwhile, Alex Nota and Luke Sharples were working overtime just to keep Carlon and Dylan Moxon in check.

Halftime....1-0 to the Strikers and off to Pak n Save for a hot chocolate.

Such was the length of time it takes to produce an Obsess liquid delight (NOT!) I returned to the Theatre of Onions, as Grant blew for the start of the 2nd half......and from the get go, the Devilz ripped into the Strikers. Wee Thomas Keen ghosted into some intelligent positions and Jack Boulton was forced to make some smart saves from numerous Devilz attacks. 

It came as no surprise when the Devilz levelled the scores 10 minutes into the second half.......Thomas Keen (who scored six superb goals in the prior game for the Sea Snakes, who were short of players) managed to lose Jamie and fired in a belter.....Jacky Chan saved smartly, but his parry fell straight to Lance who made no mistake from close range....1-1 and a huge cheer from the Devilz camp.

It was up for grabs, who would kick on to win it? Two words....The Strikers.

Strangely, the equalizer woke the green bibbed ones up as they started to get in behind the Devilz.....Seb and Hugo Simson taking on and beating their men, before causing mayhem in the Devilz box...the ball wasn't cleared and Isaac Schanzer poked the ball home a la Gerd Muller. 

Five minutes later Seb Simson added a third with a well taken finish and two minutes later, his twin brother Hugo added a fourth with a crisp strike, as the 8 man Devilz began to tire.

Nathanial made a couple of cracking saves, whilst at the other end, Jack was still throwing himself about like a muddy maniac.

The final word went to Zippy as he slid in at the far post to connect from 2 inches, following another excellent move from the Strikers.

5-1 was the final score......on the one hand it flattered the Strikers because the Devilz matched them for long periods, but on the other, it was justified as they took their chances well......9-6 would have been a more appropriate scoreline!

To all the bairns, it was a fantastic game and one played in immaculate spirit...both on the field and on the sideline....with plenty of well natured banter flowing to and fro.

Big thanks to Grant for reffing and Russ and Anne as always for their efforts.

Full marks to JK for looking after the Devilz in Willys absence..must also mention a thanks to Lynda and Caltex for their support of the Devilz.


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# Willy Schoppe
Wednesday, 23 July 2008 9:13 a.m.
Yo Devilz; Keep those muddy chinz up, results, as I told you b4, don't always tell the whole story. I am grateful to LeeD, I thought he's done a good job, cheers, bro. Good on ya, Strikers; the terrifically terrifying Twins seem to really make a difference this year! Other than that, bon soir from Paris, knackered after climbing the Eiffel Tower and the Arc d'Triumphe, nothing a good drop of red couldn't fix though. Good luck this weekend to both teams, this Devilz's heart will firmly pump 'RED' through the veins but we do wish the Strikers well on their quest for champion's glory! Cheers, W ~;o) (Devilz Advocate & Coach)

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