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Website Content Guidelines

Our web site is a tremendous tool that can used to promote and enhance our club not only in the local district, but also in the wider soccer community of New Zealand.

In the large majority of cases, will be the first contact point with the club for prospective new members and sponsors, soccer officials, other clubs and teams wanting to find more detailed information on any aspect of the services we provide.

Therefore we have a responsibility to ensure that the impression we leave is one of a professionally run organisation that anyone would want to be associated with.

As a result there are several content guidelines we have established to ensure the information published on our site reaches a required standard.

Content Guidelines

The following guidelines apply to all articles/blogs/comment/information sections of the web site:

  1. The use of profanity is strictly prohibited. Any content containing foul language will immediately be deleted and the user responsible de-registered.
  2. Personal attacks and/or inflammatory statements of any nature against any person/official/team/club will not be tolerated. Any content containing such statements will be deleted and the user responsible de-registered.
  3. Be mindful of that other members of other teams/clubs will be reading the content published on the web site. Unnecessary comments regarding the standards of other teams/officials will be accessible to EVERYONE.  While perhaps intended as light-hearted humour, such comments may not be taken that way when read by others over the internet.
  4. Pukekohe AFC has worked hard to develop strong relationships with other clubs and organisations over the years. Please use COMMON SENSE when posting comments/match reports. 
  5. Remember, anything you write will have your name attached to it when it appears on the web site and will fall under the club’s banner. Ask yourself BEFORE you publish anything. Could what I’m writing damage my reputation or that of the club? If so, leave it out.

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