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Calling all Over 40s

Do we have any players who wish to play in a Pukekohe over 40's team (hereafter known as the PUKEKOHE AFC OVER 50'S DEVELOPMENT SQUAD) . This squad will be put together ONLY if it does not deplete the playing ranks of the current over 35's squad.
There will be some things to discuss between ourselves such as :

  • Club dress shirts for all members (players and management) with "Pukekohe Over 50's Development Squad" added under the logo .
  • Whether we have a team kitty of $5 each per week to go towards the kit cleaning and some bevvies for home games every 2nd or 4th week .

We will also be trying to get the same training night as the Booze Hags so we have plenty of patrons available after training for the bar to be open.  
We are also looking at a tournament in the Brisbane/Gold Coast region for the start or end of season 2013 with a view to starting up a bank account for deposits of say $20 per week for players who wish to go .
Anyone interested can contact Jimbo , HM 09-2329935 / MOB 0274925048 / WK ddi 09-2373401 / EMAIL


Turn up at the clubrooms at John Street Pukekohe at 6.30 on Thursday 23rd Fenbuary.

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# Tom Cramer
Wednesday, 22 February 2012 2:28 p.m.
Hey! Get the games played on a Sunday and I'll be getting the boots on again. Good luck fellas.
# Jeni Allington
Saturday, 17 March 2012 12:35 a.m.
IT will be great to play with you. I would like to talk with dad about your offer. You are providing best facilities to all the players. It is quite convincing that you are going to give them big opportunity.

- Jeni
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