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Notice for Coaches and Managers -Return of all gear


The club rooms will be open on Wednesday the 5th of October from 6pm-8pm for the return of all gear.

Thanks to those of you who have already returned your gear from this season.

Even if you have gear from the previous season ( or two!!) or know of people who do, please return it or get them to.

We are having a major stocktake and need to know exact totals. We will be putting orders in for replacement gear/ new strips as soon as we have finished.

We do not want to have happen what happened this year, which was people still returning uniforms on the first day of competition and weeks into it. Even though these people had been contacted to bring it in. This makes it very difficult to get team uniforms together and becomes very expensive.  It will also save a lot of time that is spent ringing around trying to get gear in.


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