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Auckland Football - League scheduling update


We will be attempting to play as many of the matches postponed from earlier rounds as possible.

Several factors will influence which games we are able to play:

Ground availability
At the end of August, we immediately lose access to some of our football grounds due to council contracts. However, due to the amount of disruption caused earlier in the season, we have negotiated extended use into September of some of our regular grounds.

We will be playing as close to a full schedule of matches as we can over the weekend of September 3-4. The following weekend of September 10-11 we will be able to play a number of catch up matches on a reduced number of grounds available. The weekend of September 17-18 will allow an even further reduced number of catch-up matches to be played where required.

Worst impacted teams
Where possible, leagues and teams which were severely hit by earlier postponements will be given the opportunity to play catch up matches in their competition.

League outcomes
As we attempt to catch-up the matches that have been lost earlier in the year on fewer grounds, where required, priority will be given to fixtures that will determine the outcome of league championships.

Factoring in all of the above information, a number of leagues have already been updated with postponed matches from earlier in the season and the information is now available on the website.

As the situation is going to be open to a number of changes and additions over the next month, please continue to refer to your league fixtures on our website (link below) for updates regarding the scheduled conclusion of your season before you begin making alternative plans into September.

Please note:

  1. These updates and changes could also include the scheduling of games outside of usual weekly dates, for example double headers or midweek games
  2. There is the continuing possibility of further changes or additions to information already posted for your leagues as we continue to seek opportunities to play as many matches as we possibly can.
  3. There will be no catch-up matches played in the Counties Manukau Junior competition

Please check the website regularly over the next couple of weeks to ensure you are fully up to date with any changes made.

The easiest way to access any changes made to your league, click the ‘all’ link at the end of the round listing and scroll down through the rounds to find updated date and time details against the fixture which will still be placed in its originally scheduled round.


AFF Fixtures website link:


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